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June 2011

Thursday 30th June,

Graham Law 41 v 40 Stewart Kenyon,

Jimmy Taberner 41 v 22 Brian Darbyshire (1j).

Wednesday 29th June,

Peter Marrow 41 v 40 Martin Walker (2j),

Callum Wraight (1j) 41 v 25 Dave Higginbottom.

Tuesday 28th June,

Stephen Leach 41 v 34 Ricky Cochrane (1j),

Ashleigh Woof 41 v 36 Jimmy Carney.

Monday 27th June

Kevin Kearns 30 v 41 Dave Jackson (2j),

Darren Allsopp 36 v 41 Barry Robinson (1j).

Friday 24th June

C. Morrison 24 v 41 S. Mort 41 (3j),

P. Dudley (2j) 41 v 30 N. Burrows.

Thursday 23rd June

S. Fisher 32 v 41 G. Chadwick (2j),

D. Fisher 41 v 35 N. Kirkman.

Wednesday 22nd June

P. Marrow 41 v 37 S. Kenyon,

G. Hilton 41 v 25 K. Kearns.

Tuesday 21st June

Jimmy Carney 40 v 41 Dave Jenkinson,

Ashleigh Woof (1j) 41 v 40 Damien Morrison.

Monday 20th June

Graham Law (2j) 28 v 41 Kevin Kearns,

Duncan Watkins (1j) 41 v 26 Phil Boydell.

Friday June 17th,

Dave Higginbottom 41 v 38 Paul Dudley,

Mike Leach (3j) 41 v 40 Noel Burrows.

Thursday June 16th,

Martin Walker 41 v 35 Graham Law,

Barry Robinson 41 v 33 Stephen Leach.

Wednesday June 15th,

Fr Geoff Hilton 41 v 28 Dave Jackson (2j),

Dave Higginbottom (2j) 41 v 27 Wayne Ditchfield.

Tuesday June 14th,

Peter Marrow 41 v 28 Charlie Bebbington (1j),

Kevin Kearns 41 v 23 Phil Boydell.

Monday June 13th,

Darren Allsopp 41 v 23 Jimmy Taberner

Fr Geoff Hilton 41 v 29 Duncan Watkins

Friday June 10th,

Noel Burrows (1j) 41 v 26 Dave Higginbottom,

Paul Dudley 41 v 18 Callum Wraight.

Thursday June 9th,

Jimmy Carney (2j) 41 v 30 Barry Robinson,

Graham Law 41 v 21 Stephen Leach.

Wednesday June 8th,

Chris Morrison (2j) 41 v 26 Wayne Ditchfield,

Dave Jackson 41 v 32 Stewart Kenyon.

Tuesday June 7th,

Dave Jenkinson 41 v 24 Charlie Bebbington,

Phil Boydell 41 v 30 Ricky Cochrane.

Monday June 6th,

Martin Walker (2j) 41 v 35 Fr Geoff Hilton,

Peter Marrow (1j) 41 v 22 Duncan Watkins.

Friday June 3rd,

Chris Morrison 41 v 40 Noel Burrows (2j),

Mike Leach (2j) 41 v 21 Paul Dudley.

Thursday June 2nd,

Barry Robinson 41 v 37 George Chadwick (3j),

Brian Darbyshire 41 v 34 Mark Bradshaw.

Wednesday June 1st,

Wayne Ditchfield 41 v 39 Dave Higginbottom (2j),

Chris Morrison 41 v 38 Graeme Wilson (2j).